Kickin’ off Thanksgiving with our debut at the Blind Tiger

About a week before Thanksgiving we got word from the Blind Tiger that they had an opening for the night before Thanksgiving and wanted to know if we were free… we were, and were psyched to play in another new place. We knew that the stage was on the small side, and we weren’t quite sure how we were going to fit, but we were ready to find a way.

Well, that turned out to be the least of our challenges that night, as a few hours before the gig our bass player suddenly got quite ill (don’t worry–he recovered!) and told us he couldn’t do the gig. We wanted to avoid canceling at the last minute at all costs, and lo and behold–Mo tells us that he plays not only keyboards and trombone, but also bass. Really?! Ok, we say; let’s go for it! Even though we’ve *never* practiced with him on bass and we’d have to make some adjustments in the set list since we wouldn’t have keys (or trombone, lol). Hey, at least we’d have one less band member to try to fit onto the stage area!

Well it turned out that Mo not only plays bass; he plays it really well, and we had a groovy, awesome gig. People were up and dancing in front of us and all the way out in the side room, and the staff rocked out pretty hard all night as well! Toward the very end of the night, Mo’s friend Tom Westcott, the bassist from local blues band Badweather Blues, took over the bass for the last two songs and Mo sat down at the old piano that was adjacent to where we were playing, and pulled up his microphone to it, and so we actually had keys for a couple of songs (Pride and Joy and Mojo).

We had a great time, and can’t wait to go back. (Hopefully, we’ll get some pictures next time.) A big thanks to Maria and everyone at the Blind Tiger!

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