What People Are Saying

“A timeless masterpiece.” Rolling Stone Magazine on Voodoo Highway’s debut album “Hidin’ Out with the Blues”

“We wanted them to open our 40th anniversary run at the Beacon Theater, but they were already booked at a BBQ in some place called Binghamton, NY. We were devastated.” The Allman Brothers

“Cuz I’m the Man’ rocked my world. It broke my heart to find out that Bobby Rynone was already taken.” Janet Jackson

“I’d give anything to produce their next album. ‘Hidin’ Out’ is legendary.” Quincy Jones

“The Beatles were talking about getting back together so that we could open for Voodoo Highway. What a pity that too many of us are gone now to make it happen.” Sir Paul McCartney

“I’d go ‘Lookin’ for Trouble’ with Dana Stewart anytime, if she’d have me. Man, that girl can rock.” Steven Tyler

“I implored them to come on X-Factor but they declined… some nonsense about not selling out.” Simon Cowell

“My producers wanted them to open for me, but I told them no way–why would I want to have to get up on stage and play guitar after Bob Rynone?” Eric Clapton

“Tom D’Angelo is a drumming god. He blows me away every time I hear him.” John Bonham

“I asked Irem Ayan to go out on tour with me, but the rest of Voodoo Highway told me to back off! Irem, friend me on Facebook! Please???” Carlos Santana

“I love Voodoo Highway. I would book them in to Madison Square Garden in a heartbeat, but… I’m dead.” Bill Graham