We have eclectic musical tastes, reflected in our album (from straight-up blues and blues-rock to Latin rock, folk-rock, and even reggae), and in the covers we love to play. At our live shows we focus on rippin’ rock and blazing blues, but regularly play all genres including R&B, country, and even, on occasion, a little rap. Click here to go to our YouTube page to see videos of the band playing live. or scroll down for a sampling.

Our music has been featured on a variety of FM and internet radio stations, including KCLA FM 99.3 in Los Angeles, and on WAAL 99.1 The Whale and WHRW 90.5 (, both in Binghamton, NY, and on (out of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island).

Click here to hear all of our songs from Hidin’ Out with the Blues, to see all of our lyrics, and to buy the album at a slight discount. Or use this player:

Below is a sampling of our videos; hope you enjoy!