November News

We’re number 1.. again! Last month we told you that our song ”Don’t Go Lookin’ for Trouble” had been voted the top blues song of the month by listeners of WOSR (an internet radio station at; now we are just as thrilled to report that our second song that they are playing–”Why”–has been voted the top blues song! And it was number 5 on the Top 10 songs across all genres played throughout the month on the station. And three more stations at Live365 are also currently playing our songs (Blues City Radio, Boogie ‘N Blues Radio, and Blues Train–which broadcasts out of England on FM radio as well). Woo hoo! And you can say you knew us way back when ;-)

Of course, you can also come hear us live, and we hope you will! Next up are two Thanksgiving gigs: the Blind Tiger (Johnson City, NY) the Wednesday before and Mickey’s (Waverly, NY) the Friday after. Come kick off the holiday season with us, at either or both places! After that, we’ll be at Jonathan’s (in Endicott, NY) on December 14, and then three more gigs coming up later in December. As always, check the Tour Dates page for details on all our gigs.

To hear our music on internet radio: “Why” will be on Women of Substance Radio every Friday for at least the next few months between 5-6pm (Eastern), as part of a show called “Women Who Sing the Blues”. To listen to Women of Substance Radio on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, download the (free!) Live365 Radio app, then search for Women of Substance Radio once you’re inside the app. Please check it out, and give our song a thumbs up when it plays, to help us make it into the weekly top 10! You can find the blues stations by searching for them by name (or just search for “blues”–they’ll all come up on the first page) on the Live365 app or at They don’t publish their playlists in advance, so we can’t tell you exactly when we’ll be on, but they do have great music on all the time. Remember to give our songs a thumbs up if/when you hear them!

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