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We had an amazing time hosting the Italian Invasion Fall 2018 with Italian rock violinist extraordinaire, Andrea Di Cesare! Stay tuned for videos, or check our FB page for some clips and many photos of the various events we hosted/played. Next up for us: we are hard at work writing and learning a bunch of new songs that we can’t wait to debut for you! Check the calendar on the Tour Dates tab or check out our FB event page for details.

Voodoo Highway Live
So many shows coming up! Check out the Tour Dates tab for the full schedule, and make sure to like us on Facebook (click here!) to get all of our latest updates/pictures/videos, etc. And check out this amazing write-up local radio personality Big Wally gave us, here

Voodoo Highway on YouTube
Check out our YouTube channel here, or click on the “Music” tab above for a few samples. We’re always adding more; feel free to drop us a line at with any specific requests, and we’ll do our best to oblige….

Here’s a clip from one of our shows with world-renowned rock violinist Andrea Di Cesare:

And an impromptu rendition of Rapper’s Delight. Not our usual fare, but–you know–sometimes we do like to get a little funked up!

Voodoo Highway on the Radio

We were very psyched to learn recently that we had been profiled on FM radio station WSKG. Check out the piece here.

Peace, Love, and Live Music,

Voodoo Highway


If you’re new to Voodoo Highway, please make sure you check out The Flood page for a free download of Mother Floodin’ Blues (written by and recorded with our friend, Tom Egan) as well as for info on how you can donate to charities who help communities with disaster recovery efforts, and more. And don’t miss our Walmart Killed Main Street video on YouTube: