West Side Music Fest

The West Side Neighborhood Project’s first annual Music Fest was so much fun! It was an absolutely gorgeous day to spend outside with friends and neighbors, and the event itself was a great success. People of all ages were in attendance, enjoying the food and crafts, and rocking out with us. And we even ended up in the local paper (in print and online). We went with a set list of what we hoped would be crowd-pleasers, and judging from the reactions we got both during and afterwards, many agreed with our choices! Tom Egan joined us on harmonica for several songs, and on lead vocals for “Mother Floodin’ Blues” (see The Flood tab, above, for a free download). If you’re wondering what the West Side Neighborhood Project (WSNP) is, it’s a coalition dedicated to bringing together residents, students, business, and landlords from the West Side of Binghamton in order to keep the neighborhood great, and make it even better.


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