Rocking Out on First Friday at the Cyber

It was a dark and stormy night. Really. Not a great night for the Art Walk, but definitely a great night at the Cyber! In fact, this may have been our favorite gig yet at the Cyber. Yeah, I know, we always say that… but we always feel it! The music-loving crowd, the light shows, the cool stage, the one-of-a-kind atmosphere… It all just adds up to an awesome night. Highlights included Ryan’s “special” lyrics on Folsom Prison, a very psychedelic version of Voodoo Child (with accompanying light show), a Santana-inspired instrumental funk jam towards the end of the first set, the warm reception of our originals, and chatting with the crowd: people had come from as far away as Waverly and Norwich to spend their evening with us, some others–dressed to the nines–stopped in after their prom, and someone else was just dropping by on his way home from a dog-food run, and decided to stay for a while… In short, a diverse and very fun crowd!


Unfortunately, our “band photographer” (Ryan’s wife Lisa) wasn’t able to come, but Dana was able to snap a few pictures when she wasn’t playing. So no shots of Dana, unless some audience members got some…. If *you* happen to have any pictures of us you think we’d like, please e-mail them to us at Don’t be shy; go ahead!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A huge thank you to Jeff, the staff at the Cyber, and everyone who came out on a rainy night to jam out with us!

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