Blues on the Bridge: Binghamton’s Blues Fest

You may have read that Binghamton has been found in Gallup polls to be the most depressed city in America. Well, you wouldn’t have known it today! Or… if this is what depressed looks like, we’ll take it, thankyouverymuch. I guess all that depression makes for some great blues, and a fabulous festival! Mother Nature even seemed in a good mood, as it was all blue skies all day long. It really was a great day, and a perfect way to cap off the summer. Highlights for us included: Bob playing Frampton with his teeth (yes, his teeth!), Dana pumping up the crowd, Reverend Mo-Love-Taylor preachin’ it on Tush, Tom laying down the grooviest of grooves from start to finish, Al’s all-out passion-filled drumming, the thrill of rocking out in front of well over a thousand people in such a beautiful setting, getting asked to sign a guitar afterwards for Magic 101.7, getting so many high-fives and fist-bumps and shout-outs as we made our way through the crowd at the end, and as always, the crowd’s very enthusiastic reception of our own songs (thanks, everyone! you can buy them all on iTunes, you know!). Who knew having the blues could be this awesome… (Scroll down below the pics for a video montage of the performance.)

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