Spring News: Voodoo Highway on the Radio

More radio success for Voodoo Highway! Both “Why” and “Don’t Go Lookin’ for Trouble” have continued to grace the monthly Top 10 lists at WOSR at Live365.com (and of course we’re still celebrating their inclusion in the Top 50 of 2012 countdown!). And since early April, you can hear “Bad Girl” on WOSR, every Friday from 5-6 (EST) on their “Women Who Sing The Blues” show. (See below for links to that station and several others that are currently playing our songs.) And… we just did our first ever radio interview! On WHRW, with DJ (and entertainment writer for the local paper) Chris Kocher. Link forthcoming… We also got word that “Walmart Killed Main Street” has been getting some airplay on a morning show on WHRW, and has been lighting up the switchboard with calls (all positive!). A huge thanks to Joe Gabriel at www.whrwfm.org for the airplay! And, of course, you can still hear us every Friday on Binghamton’s classic rock station WAAL 99.1-The Whale; Big Wally and LeeAnn Taylor are airing our rockin’ ad song ”50 Shades of J&R” every Friday morning as part of the station’s $50 gas-giveaway promotion. Listen on the web here, if you like.

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