January 2013 News

2013 is off to an amazing start for us!!!  Women of Substance Radio just came out with their top 50 Indie songs of 2012 and BOTH of our songs that they played last year made it! One in the top 20 and one in the TOP TEN!!! Of the YEAR!!! “Don’t Go Lookin’ for Trouble” was voted #18 and “Why” came in at #7. “Don’t Go Lookin'” made the monthly top 10 last fall and “Why” has been in the monthly top 10 every month that it’s been played on the station, so we knew we had a few fans, but we are over-the-moon about making it into the top songs of the year. Woo-hoooo!

You can hear their 4-hour, Top 50 Indie Countdown show several times over the next month (Jan 22-Feb 27): Every Wed., Sat., and Sun from 3-7PM (Eastern) at http://www.live365.com/stations/breenoble (see below for instructions on how to hear it on your iDevice). And of course, you can still hear “Why” every Friday on their “Women Who Sing the Blues” show.

And still more exciting news: we now actually have a song playing on Binghamton’s classic rock station WAAL 99.1-The Whale! Ok, so, it’s an advertisement–but we did write the lyrics and record it. It’s called 50 Shades of J&R, and you can hear it every Friday morning as part of the station’s $50 gas-giveaway promotion. Listen on the web here, if you like. (And a big thank you to Big Wally for collaborating with us and putting us on the air!! We love you, Wally!)

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