Halloween Party at Gallagher’s

There’s a great new bar in town, and it’s Gallagher’s. Ok, so it’s not *that* new, but it’s new to us, and it’s a very nice place! Delicious food, great atmosphere, wonderful staff, and lots of live music. And it was definitely rockin’ on the Saturday before Halloween….

The whole place was done up for Halloween, so you couldn’t help but be in the party mood when you set foot in the door. Actually, as soon as you even got to the door. (See pictures below for the cool decor.) And as the night continued to wear on, more and more party-people-in-costume filed in until the place was full of pirates, tigers, an alien Marilyn Monroe, 80s hair band rockers, and more. At our set break the staff announced the winners of the house costume contest, and our very own Mo Taylor won an award for his Chef costume.

We loved the music-loving crowd and can’t wait to go back again! Thanks, Heather, and everyone at Gallagher’s!

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