Rockin’ Cubestock

Cubestock is a multi-band charity event that we’ve played every year for the last 4 years. It’s always a great time, and the proceeds go to a different charity every year. This year it was the Alzheimer’s Association (Central NY chapter).

We weren’t sure if people would want to dance or not (sometimes they do, and sometimes they’re more into listening), so we had a flexible set list mapped out (if the crowd is dancing, choose a song from column A; if not, choose one from column B…). Well, we needn’t have bothered with column B! From the first song of our set to the last, it was definitely a full-blown, multi-generational dance party, and we loved it. Our only regret was that Mo wasn’t able to join us (darned B-Sens hockey game schedule!), but… maybe next year.

In any case, a big thanks to the organizers and to all of the attendees, and the staff at Endwell Greens, as well as to the other bands who played that night (Swagger, Nova City, and Pawn Shop)—it was a pleasure sharing the stage with you!

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