A Night of Surprises at the Cyber

We were on a huge high from just finding out that our song had hit the Top 10 on Women of Substance Radio… and what better way to celebrate than with a gig at a place that is all about indie music! The Cyber Café was awesome as usual—but our gig definitely took some unexpected turns. From Mo breaking out his trombone on us for the very first time ever to our friend Tom Egan showing up with his harmonica and joining us onstage mid-song… there was never a dull moment!

A little background.… Mo has been telling us all along that his *real* instrument is the trombone, and we had all been talking about picking up some songs that would feature it, but we hadn’t gotten around to it. In fact, we had never heard him play the trombone at all. Not even one note. So imagine our surprise when he pulled it out onstage, in the middle of a set, in front of a completely, standing-room-only packed house, and said he was going to play it on the next song! Keepin’ it fresh and interesting for us! The song was I Shot the Sheriff—our version is based on Eric Clapton’s, and we do extended jams at the beginning and the end.  Mo started off on keys, and then picked up his horn… and from the first note we were all hooked. Yes, he was pretty much the Pied-freakin’-Piper, and we all would’ve followed him anywhere.

The next surprise came just a little bit later, when our friend Tom showed up. He has sat in with us before on both harmonica and vocals (check out “The Flood” tab above for a song we recorded with him last year), but he had a gig somewhere else that night so we weren’t expecting him. Well, when he showed up we were in the middle of our version of Got My Mojo Workin’, and when we hit the solo section he approached the stage and indicated that he had his harmonica with him and was ready to jump in if we wanted. I waved him up, and—to the surprise of the crowd, and without missing a beat—he joined right in with a rippin’ solo. Of course he played on several more songs with us after that, including Folsom Prison and Tore Down, where he and Mo traded harp and trombone solos back and forth.

A post on this night would not be complete without a shout-out to the crowd. It was, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic bunch we’ve ever played to. Maybe they were picking up on our excitement over our recent radio success, or maybe we were playing better than ever, or maybe it was something in the beer… but the crowd was going nuts, cheering all over the place, sometimes even after every line. We have to say—we could get used to that!

All in all, a fabulous night. Thank you Jeff and crew at the Cyber, and thanks to everyone who came out to spend your evening with us!

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