Bike Night, At Long Last!

Bike Night in downtown Greene was one of those near-perfect nights. You know, where everything just seems to fall into place. The crowd was, well, awesome. Such a great vibe! The venue–downtown Greene–was fantastic; they blocked off a side street facing the main drag, and that’s where we set up. So we had a perfect view of all the bikes and mustangs lining up, as well as of all the folks who were there for the fun. And the weather? It couldn’t have been better. Warm-but-not-too-warm, and literally not a cloud in the sky. (Our first Bike Night/Greater Greene Cruise-in was rained out, so we were very happy to see the forecast calling for a 0% chance of rain.) Our only regret was that it was the last Bike Night of the summer, so we’ll have to wait almost a whole year before we can do it again! A huge thanks to Big Wally from 99.1 The Whale and all the other organizers and attendees for what ended up being one of our favorite nights of the summer!

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