Happy 3rd of July!

Kicking off the holiday at Chip’s was a total blast. The bonfire was roaring, the dance floor was rocking, the beer was flowing, and we were feeling the love from the crowd! Chip’s is pretty much a classic-rock-and-blues-lovers’ paradise, and we love playing there. We also love how appreciative everyone always seems to be of our originals, and we were happy to finally be able to offer our CDs for sale. Fan Sarah Lee bought one and asked us to sign it for her, which of course we did–then she said she was going to take it home tonight and blast all her neighbors out with it. Party on, Sarah Lee–you rock, girl! We also loved playing a song we had learned by request for Jackie and her friends. And we were very impressed with the beer-can pyramid that was built over the course of the night (see the pictures, below). Anyway, as always, a huge thank-you to Chip and everyone who came out. We couldn’t think of a better way to get our Independence Day celebrations started!

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