On The Road

The day after our surprise gig at the Number 5, we were up early (ok, early for musicians! especially for a Saturday!) and on the road to a massive party/music fest in Hazleton, PA. It was a gorgeous day for the event–the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the birds were–well, you couldn’t really hear the birds with all the rockin’ out that was happening. But there were people of all ages, some setting up tents in the adjacent field, as well as plenty of food and drinks, and even a dog named Mojo running around. It was a jam-band-kind-of-crowd, so we played extended (and extra awesome, if we do say so ourselves, LOL) versions of several tunes, including some new material we’d learned off of Santana Live at the Fillmore 1968 that we’d learned specifically for the occasion (Chunk-a-Funk and Conquistadore Rides Again). Actually, if you want to hear the whole set, you can listen to it here.  Here’s what we played:

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